Mop Care Guide

How To Break-In a Wet Mop

All mops should be rinsed after every use with warm water & hung in a ventilated area to dry– never leave a mop in a wet-solution overnight.

Steps to Break in a Cotton Mop

For best cleaning performance results, cotton mops should always complete a break-in period to remove natural occurring oils before first use.

Step 1

Fill a mop bucket with water and a diluted neutral floor cleaner according to directions– water temperature should be between 120º F – 140º F degrees

Step 2

Immerse the mop head for 5 seconds & agitate, ensuring the solution is absorbed in all mop fibers

Step 3

Wring-out, rinse & repeat the process up to 5 times if necessary

Step 4

Dispose of cleaning solution & prepare a fresh solution for the appropriate cleaning tasks


Select ABCO Wet Mops & Dust Mops can be laundered to extend product use.

Always launder with a mesh bag with and a detergent solution at a low speed for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Rinse thoroughly in warm water, tumble dry at low temperatures or hand dry.

Fig. 1– Fill


Fig. 2– Immerse


Fig. 3– Wring