Grease-Beater Cleaning System

The Future Of Kitchen Floor Maintenance is the Grease-Beater™ Cleaning System

ABCO Cleaning Products has developed a patented, innovative new floor sanitation system that combines state of the art chemical technology with innovative cleaning tool design.

The new Grease-Beater™ Floor Cleaning System is a hygienic, easy to use, productive method to ensure cleaner floors that are less slippery for your customers and staff.

The New Grease-Beater™ Floor Cleaning System creates real customer benefits:

  • Less slippery, safer floors
  • Faster dry time for floors & cleaning tools
  • Saves labor/improves cleaning productivity
  • Superior grease release action by wringing is more than twice as efficient than conventional mops
  • Color coded tools support HACCP procedures
  • Cleaner floors creates better customer impression

The Grease-Beater™ System includes Grease-Beater Wet Mop, 24″ Floor Sweep, 9″ Broom, Dual Surface Deck Brush, 22″ Floor Squeegee, and 35 Quart Dual-Divided Mop Bucket & Wringer Combo

Kitchen Floors – grease and oil build-up create a slippery surface that is unsafe, slows down service, and increases the clean-up time.

Dining Room Floors – leave a lasting impression to provide your customers with a clean, safe floor.