Plastic Heads

ABCO Products a complete line of mop handles; wood, fiberglass or metal for superior performance.

Choice of styles; Quick-change, Stirrup, or Jaw grip manufactured for tough jobs and priced to your budget.

Heavy duty design for professional cleaning, our best handle style for all wet floor mopping activity such as damp

mopping, stripping or floor finish applications. Styles include Quick Change, Jaw Grip, or Stirrup available in 60”.

* XP - Special Order
✅ Indicates Best Seller
A.01206-NB60"Janitor Size 15/16" with fiberglass handleQuick change69.76 lbs0.9692
B.01208-NB60"Janitor Size 15/16" with fiberglass handleJaw grip69.08 lbs0.8723