Angle Brooms

Exceptional cleaning brooms; manufactured with all synthetic materials with flagged poly bristle tips to capture the finest dust makes this a practical choice for sweeping in hard to reach areas and on all types of floor surfaces.

Small, medium or large heads are lightweight and easy to use with wood or metal handle options.

* Black Handle
✅ Indicates Best Seller
BR-1024MHA. Large48" x 1 1/8"Nylon1218 lbs1.14
BR-1023MB. Small48" x 1 1/8"Nylon1212.40 lbs0.74
BR-10054C. Medium48" x 7/8"Nylon127.98 lbs1.1755
BR-1021MCD. Lobby30" x 1 1/8"Nylon1212.40 lbs0.63